Centre for Gender Research

Equal opportunities group

The equal opportunities group (JLG) handles questions regarding gender equity and
equal opportunities at the Centre. The group consists of staff and student representatives and assists the director in writing theyearly plan for how to work with equity issues at the Centre for Gender Research.

Contact us if you have questions about the equal opportunities group work, or if you have been exposed to or witnessed harassment or violations. As a student you can also contact teh Student Union.

Likabehandlingsplanen 2014-2017

Currently the group consists of the following persons:
Nadine Lake (representative for the PhD students)
Signe Bremer (representative for the researchers)
Ann-Sofie Lönngren (representative for the researchers)
Jenny Björklund (representative for the teachers)
Julia Benjaminson (representative for the administrators)
Sarah Häggdahl (representative for the students)