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Limitation and Liberation: Women writers and the politics of genre

Limitation and Liberation: Women writers and the politics of genre.
Johansson, Åsa & Ragnerstam, Petra (red.) (2005) (167 s.) 200 kr.

Can we talk about genre without talking about gender? And, conversely, can we talk about gender without talking about genre? This anthology investigates how women writers relate to gender and genre in their literary production, and how gender and genre affect the reception of women writers.

All articles in the anthology point to the plasticity and historicity of both concepts and demonstrate how they both are cultural processes - defined and possible to redefine by praxis. This book also points to the heterogeneity of genres and also the various perspectives available when dealing with gender in relation to literary genres. Consequently, it is an active redefinition of both gender and genre - and their relation - by concrete examples.

The collection of articles is assembled from a collaborative, two-day conference held at Uppsala University by both the English Department and the Department of Literature.