For those of you that have been accepted to a course or a program at the Centre for Gender Research

This page are for those of you who have already been accepted to a course or a program at the Centre for Gender Research. We would like to welcome you to an exciting and interesting semester. At the bottom right of this page you will find the titles for each course and information about the course for example when it starts, a schedule, a literature list etc.

When you have received information about admission, accepted your position and replied you will receive a confirmation letter. At this point you need to do the following things:

  1. Activate a student account
    Activate your student account.
  2. Wait for your schedule and course information to be sent out
    When the admissions have been completed (end of August for the fall semester and the middle of January for the spring semester) we will send out an electronical welcome letter and information about the course start. If you are accepted to a course and have not received your welcome letter please contact our course administrator.
  3. Register
    When you have activated your student account you can log in to Studentportalen and register for the course.
  4. Course starts
    All the information about when and where the course will start is in the electronical welcome letter. 

Good luck!