Welcome Daphne Ntiri!


We are very happy to have welcomed our new guest researcher Daphne Ntiri who will stay with us all of June. Earlier this week Daphne held a short presentation about her research and background. Read more about Daphne and her work below.


Daphne W. Ntiri, PhD

Home University
Wayne State University, USA

Disciplinary background
Adult Education, African/African American Studies

Areas of expertise and research areas
Adult literacy, gender, Third World studies

Why did you choose to come to the Centre for Gender Research? 
To join a community of active, scholarly researchers involved in productive, cutting edge research on gender in all its manifestations and to which I hope to contribute by way of my research, the intersection of literacy and gender among recent Somali immigrant populations in Sweden.

Shortly describe your current research project:
My research aims to identify and examine literacy proficiencies and educational levels of African female immigrants from Somalia ages 18-64 with an eye to shaping the gender discussion related to status and socio-economic advancement in their host society.

Selected publications:
Adult literacy and its discontents: rethinking social justice issues in adult education. In Dialogues in Social Justice: An Adult Education Journal, (1) 12-17.

2015 Literacy as a gendered discourse:  Engaging the voices of women in global societies. Daphne W. Ntiri (Ed.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, 203pp.

2015 Literacy of immigrant African women within the context of Transformative Learning. In Literacy as a gendered discourse:  Engaging the voices of women in global societies, by Daphne W. Ntiri (Ed.). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

2014 Adult Literacy reform through a womanist lens:  Unpacking the radical pedagogy of Civil Rights Era educator:  Bernice V. Johnson. Journal of Black Studies. 45(1), 159-166.

2013 When minority becomes majority: Exploring discursive and racialized shifts in the adult literacy conversation. Western Journal of Black Studies. 37(1), 159-166.

2010   with Stewart, M. Recruitment challenges:  Lessons learned from elderly African American living with diabetes in an urban literacy program. Educational Gerontology, 36(2), 148-154.