Guest researcher: Naoko Inami


In April we were able to welcome guest researcher Naoko Inami to the Centre for Gender Research. Naoko will be staying at the Centre for one year. During this time Naoko will be doing research on collective housing.

Naoko Inami

Home University
Osaka University

Disciplinary background

Areas of expertise and research areas
Family and Kinship, Community, Housing

Why did you choose to come to the Centre for Gender Research?
The Center not only deals with interdisciplinary research themes, but also accepts a variety of researchers from all over world. So, I thought that researching in such an environment would definitely have good influence on me.

Shortly describe your current research project:
I have been researching collective housing for more than 10 years in Japan. Because Japanese collective housing models Swedish collective housing, I came Sweden to research its history and the development process as well as the daily life in collective housing.


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