Guest PhD student: Maialen Suárez Errekalde


Today we welcome our new guest PhD student, Maialen Suárez Errekalde from the Deusto University. Maialen will be at the Centre for three months. We hope that you will enjoy your time at the Centre for Gender Research!

Maialen Suarez Errekalde

Home University
Deusto University

Disciplinary background
Social Work

Areas of expertise and research areas
Feminist and queer theory, sexuality and gender, power relations, qualitative methodologies.

Why did you choose to come to the Centre for Gender Research?
In my home university I do not have the opportunity to be integrated in a research group or area specialised in gender, so I was really interested to be in a centre like this, where I could meet researchers from all over the world with similar interests and projects. After doing much research about universities in the area of women, gender and sexuality, I requested this opportunity, as I believe Uppsala University, with its Centre for Gender Research, is the best option for me and my career, considering the highly qualified staff and really interesting and multidisciplinary research lines.

Shortly describe your current research project:
My thesis project expects to analyze from a feminist perspective the power relations that emerge among the sexual relations of sexually active feminists. It seeks to clarify the interrelation between these two dimensions (sexuality and power) that have proved to be essential for the maintenance and support of a gendered system that privileges men and heterosexuality. The aim of this researchs is not only to identify the continuities with heteropatriarchal sexual order, but also its changes and ruptures. The main key method has been in-depth interviews.

Recent publications
Suarez Errekalde, Maialen (2016). Indarkeria matxista eta maitasun erromantikoa Cincuenta Sombras de Grey eleberrian. Uztaro, 98, 99-124.

Royo Prieto, Raquel; Silvestre Cabrera, María; González Estepa, Lía; Linares Bahillo, Estibaliz; Suarez Errekalde, Maialen (2017). Mujeres migrantes tejiendo democracia y sororidad desde el asociacionismo. Una aproximación cualitativa e interseccional. Investigaciones Feministas, 8, 223-243.

Suarez Errekalde, Maialen (2017). Posibles retos del trabajo social comunitario. Especial atención a las mujeres baserritarras. In C. Guinot, & A. Ferran (Eds.), Trabajo Social: arte para generar vínculos (pp. 721-734). Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto.