Guest Researcher: Thorgerdur Einarsdóttir


Warm welcome to Thorgerdur Einarsdóttir, our new guest researcher, who will be at the Centre duing the fall semester. Thorgerdur is from the University of Iceland and is part of the Nordwit project

Thorgerdur Jennýjardóttir Einarsdóttir

Home University
University of Iceland, Gender Studies/Faculty of Political Science

Disciplinary background
Gender Studies, Sociology

Areas of expertise and research areas
I see myself as a multitasking and intellectually curious feminist scholar, and in accordance with that I have been involved in a broad range of gender issues. I received my PhD in sociology in 1997 and my dissertation was about the gender segregation and hierarchization of the medical profession. Since then I’ve been engaged in labour market and family issues, gender and academia, masculinity studies, equal opportunities policies and feminist theory, and transgender issues.

Why did you choose to come to the Centre for Gender Research?
I have my academic training in Sweden and lived in Goteborg for 10 years in two rounds when I finally moved to Iceland in 1992. Now I thought it was high time to refresh my relationship with Sweden and spend my sabbatical here. I also happen to be involved in the Nordforsk project NordWit, which is led by Gabriele Griffin and starting this fall, so Uppsala seemed a very exciting and appropriate option.

Shortly describe your current research project
Among my most recent projects are gender and academia, transgender issues and gender and leadership in economic life. 

Recent publications
2017: “The Making of the ‘Excellent’ University: A Drawback for Gender Equality” with Finnborg S. Steinthorsdottir; Thamar M. Heijstra. Ephmera, Theory & politics in organization (Vol 17, no 2).

2017: “How do you take time? Work–life balance policies versus neoliberal, social and cultural incentive mechanisms at the University of Iceland” with Thomas Brorsen Smidt & Gyda Margrét Pétursdóttir. European Educational Research Journal 16 (2-3), pp. 123-140.

2017: “Testing the concept of academic housework in a European setting: Part of academic career making or gendered barrier to the top?” with Thamar M. Heijstra, Gyda M. Pétursdóttir and Finnborg S. Steinthórsdóttir. European Educational Research Journal 16 (2-3), pp. 200-2014. 

2017: “The Realisation of Gender Quotas in Post-Collapse Iceland” with Laufey Axelsdóttir. NORA, Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research (published online May 2, 2017).

2017: “Well-earned Respectability or Legitimation of Masculinities? Powerful and Publicly Celebrated Men in Pre- and Post-collapse Iceland” with Gyda Margrét Pétursdóttir. Women Studies International Forum. Vol 61, March–April 2017, pp. 48–57.       

2016: “Money Talks: Gender Budgeting in the University of Iceland” with Finnborg S. Steinthórsdóttir, Thamar M. Heijstra & Gyda Margrét Pétursdóttir. Stjórnmál og stjórnsýsla. Vol 12 (1): p. 171-194.

2016: “Single Icelandic women who emigrated to North-America 1870-1914. Forgotten women with Agency” with Sigrídur Matthíasdóttir. Scandia, tidskrift for historisk forskning, Vol. 82 (1): pp. 10-34.

2016: “Language Purism and Gender: Icelandic Trans* Activists and the Icelandic Linguistic Gender Binary” with Jyl Josephsson. TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, Vol 3 (3-4), pp. 376-387.

2016: “Queering the Trans: Inclusion and Exclusion in Icelandic Trans, Queer, and Feminist Movements” with Jyl Josephsson & Svandís A. Sigurdardóttir. European Journal of Womens Studies (published online Jan. 19, 2016).

2016: “Academic career making and the double-edged role of academic housework” with Thamar M. Heijstra & Finnborg S. Steinthórsdóttir. Gender and Education (published online 06 Apr 2016).

2015: “Gender bias in the media: The case of Iceland” with Valgerdur Jóhannsdóttir. Stjórnmál og stjórnsýsla, 2015; 11 (2): p. 207-229.

2014: “Gender quota on the boards of corporations in Iceland” with Gudbjörg L. Rafnsdóttir & Jón S. Snorrason in Gender quotas on company boards (eds. Marc de Vos & Phillippe Culliford). Cambridge: Intersentia, pp. 147-156.

2013: “A feminist theory of corruption: Lessons from Iceland” with Janet Elise Johnson & Gyda Margrét Pétursdóttir, in Politics & Gender, 9 (2013), 1-33.