Meet Katerina, our newest PhD student


Katerina Günter is the Centre's newest PhD student. Katerina will share her PhD time between the Centre for Gender Research and the Department of Ecology and Genetics.

What is your PhD project about?
Due to my educational background in biology, I am interested in how university students in biology form their identities as biologists. What are we as biologists? How do we see and learn biology, develop skills, personalities, identities during our education? The role the teachers play in forming the biology student is another aspect that will go into my research: Is there a culture that is passed on to the next generation, how does this culture look like and influence student-learning behavior. Furthermore, I will look at how “the biologist” is gendered in the biology faculty and its different departments to see if gender biases and gender-biased norms and values can be observed – is there a “gender-appropriate” behavior in biology (education) that influences the student’s performance and their identity formation?

What is the purpose of the project?
The purpose is to explore the biology education environment from different angles. An interdisciplinary approach from a science education, gender, as well as a biology perspective could change the view on education strategies forming the student as a whole.

Why did you choose Uppsala University and the Centre for Gender Research?
Uppsala University is an international research university that emphasizes the importance of the development of both science and education and has a long history and tradition in biology research and teaching. Conducting my PhD project at the Centre for Gender Research as an interdisciplinary and dynamic research environment provides the ideal setup to position myself in the middle of three research areas that are very different in their cultures and theories. With the Centre’s active research group on Education and Science my research is furthermore embedded in a setup of a great variety of competence.

What feels most exiting with your new job?
Most exciting about my new job is the interdisciplinary environment I may explore during my project and the discussions arising with people from many different backgrounds at the Centre. It is intriguing to combine my fields of interest looking at biology education from different perspectives after experiencing being “the biology student” myself throughout my biology studies in different countries.

Who are your supervisors?
My supervisors are Annica Gullberg, Researcher at the Centre for Gender Research and Ingrid Ahnesjö, professor at the Department of Ecology and Genetics.