Centre for Gender Research

Education and Science Research Group

At the Center for Gender Studies, interdisciplinary and innovative gender research is conducted within the research group EduS (Education and Science). Its main focus is project that aim to explore and develop different educational spaces, teacher and student identities, learning and teaching strategies, not least in higher education and science education. Furthermore, the projects examine questions about how knowledge, language, educational practices, as well as self-worth are, in various ways, related to gender and dominance relations in educational institutions.

Foto: Marcus Marcetic

Ongoing projects and activities
Currently conducted two major research projects funded by the Research Council within the group, three doctoral projects and a pedagogical project. To learn more about the ongoing projects please see the links below:

Contact and participants
Researchers involved in the EduS Group are Kristina Andersson, Martha Blomqvist, Anna Danielsson, Susanne Engström, Annica Gullberg, Cathrine Hasse, Anita Hussénius, Maja Elmgren, Carolyn Jackson, Anders Johansson, Johanna Larsson, Anne-Sofie Nyström, Minna Salminen-Karlsson, Kate Scantlebury, and Cecilia Rodéhn.