Centre for Gender Research

Research projects at the Centre

In the booklet below and in the list to the right you can read more about all of the ongoing research projects at the Centre.

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Art and Nature. The Early German Romantics, Schelling and Adorno

Becoming Human: Gender Theory and Animals in a More-than-Human World

Changing Animal Bodies: Breeding Responses to Environmental, Economic and Social Pressures

Clitoris reconstructive surgery after female genital cutting

‘Corrective rape’ and the homophobic everyday in contemporary South African cultural texts

Cultural heritage as a pedagogical tool in higher education at Uppsala University

Evaluating work of comparable worth. The use of job evaluation systems as promotors of gender equal salaries in the Swedish municipal sector

Female Masculinity in Interwar Sweden: Play, Agency, Desire

Gender and the Rhetoric of Family Law Reforms in India

Gender perspectives on family planning and preconception health 

Intersectional Perspectives on Pedagogical Documentation

Intimate labour and bodily services in Thai tourism

Intimate partner violence and help-seeking behavior in queer communities

In the borderland between academic disciplines and school science - Science faculty as teacher educators

Men’s friendships in contemporary Sweden

Moms on the Run: Mothers Who Leave Their Families in Twenty-First Century Swedish Literature

Norms and values in a chemistry discourse: Discursive analyses of the Swedish national test in chemistry and student answers.

On Not Owning a Story

Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic region

Queer and Transgender Kinship and Family: An Ethics of Reproduction with ARTs

Safe and Sustainable Energy Futures in Sápmi: Assumptions and Actions, Visions and Decisions

Sextalk on the Internet. How straight men discuss sexual problems in discussion forums

Staging the successful student in higher education

The effects of digitalization on the work environment of nurses (DISA)

The gender binary city

The prospects for Swedish farming: agrarian change and household strategies

Towards an Inclusive Common European Framework for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART): Queer & Transgender Reproduction in the Age of ART

Ulleråker – functionality norms and cultural heritage

Virtues for freedmen – a question of masculinity?

Who can become a physicist? Discourse, culture and identity in physics education

Women's races as a cultural phenomenon: conditions for women's exercising