Anti-Jewish Racism – Exploring the Swedish Racial Regime

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Centrum för genusvetenskap 12:07 (KWB)
  • Lecturer: Hansalbin Sältenberg, Department of Gender Studies, Lund University
  • Organiser: Centre for Gender Research
  • Contact person: Alexandra D'Ubaldo-Gauffin
  • Seminarium

On antisemitism/anti-Jewish racism in Sweden.

About the seminar: While research often has separated the study of antisemitism from the study of other forms of racism, Sältenberg’s doctoral thesis is located within the tradition of Critical Race a studies to explore contemporary antisemitism/anti-Jewish racism in Sweden as part of larger racial and societal structures. Using a feminist and antiracist perspective, the thesis understands anti-Jewish racism as a relational and dynamic social phenomenon, developing a critical analysis of the Swedish racial regime. Combining in-depth interviews with self-identified Jews in Sweden with an analysis of racialising discourses in Sweden, and locating Sweden and constructions of “Swedishness” at the core of the analysis, the thesis shows how anti-Jewish racism can be experienced as everyday racism in Sweden, challenging hegemonic understands of antisemitism as a marginal phenomenon in post-1945 Swedish society.

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Last modified: 2021-07-05