Male experiences facing an unplanned pregnancy, and health professionals experiences counseling men in such a situation

  • Date: –15:00
  • Location: Centrum för genusvetenskap 13:11
  • Lecturer: Hege Ledang Follestad, Faculty of Nursing and Health, NORD University, Norway
  • Organiser: Centre for Gender Research
  • Contact person: Alexandra D'Ubaldo-Gauffin
  • Seminarium

On men's experiences of unplanned pregnancy, and health professionals experiences counseling men in such a situation.

About the seminar: The idea of having children is that the choice should be a joint decision and project; at the same time, that account must be taken of the individual's freedom to make their own choices. This is not always the case because pregnancies can be unplanned and unwanted, challenging the partners' autonomy and individuality. Both women and men can experience this as a difficult situation, which can be felt beyond their control. Although the woman has the right to choose, both are faced with a decision-making process where they must find out whether they are ready to become parents and whether they can see themselves as a couple in the future.

In this presentation, Hege will first give an overview of her ongoing doctoral research, which seeks to gain increased insight into men's experiences, challenges and needs in a situation with unplanned pregnancies, and health professionals’ practical knowledge and professional reflections on their practice in their encounters with these men. Secondly, she will discuss which negotiations of masculinity are actualised for men in a situation of unplanned pregnancy. The starting point for this discussion is interviews with men, which have been analysed in light of Critical studies of men and masculinities.

About Hege Ledang Follestad: Hege is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Nursing and Health at NORD University. Her research project seeks to answer what experiences and needs men have when facing an unplanned pregnancy and what experiences health professionals have assisting men in such a situation. Her project draws on theory from the science of professions, gender, gender equality and masculinities. Hege is educated as a psychiatric nurse and counsellor. She has worked for nine years in the acute psychiatry ward and the last 15 years at Amathea – a nationwide health service offering guidance and follow-up of women, men and couples with ambivalence in pregnancy and conversations after abortion.

Last modified: 2021-07-05