Thinking Wildly with Jack Halberstam

  • Date:
  • Location: Engelska parken Humanities Theatre
  • Lecturer: Participants in the sympoium: Jack Halberstam, Jenny Björklund, Tiina Rosenberg, Ulrika Dahl, Varpu Alasuutari, Sara Salminen, Ingrid Ryberg, John-Paul Zaccharini, Elin Bengtsson, Erika Alm, Jami Weinstein, Jens Rydström, Ann Sofie Lönngren, Wibke Straube, Ellen Suneson, Jenny Sundén, Angelica Stathopoulos, Sam Holmqvist, Marie Dalby, Del LaGrace Volcano, Josephine Baird
  • Organiser: Centre for Gender Research and CIRCUS
  • Contact person: Ulrika Dahl
  • Seminarium

This symposium invites scholars to a conversation about the state and future of queer studies and the role of Jack Halberstam’s work in the field in general and in relation to their own research. 

Queer/trans theorist and cultural studies scholar Jack Halberstam (Columbia University, USA) has had a significant impact on gender and queer studies in Sweden. Indeed, professor Halberstam has been coming to Sweden for more than 20 years, on invitation from a range of actors, both in and outside of academia, and is currently at Lund University on the Kerstin Hesselgren professorship in gender studies.

Their work on female masculinity, queer temporalities, the queer art of failure, trans and feminist movements, and most recently wildness, has inspired, influenced and sometimes irritated academics, artists, and queer activists for many years. This symposium invites scholars based in the Nordic region, and Sweden in particular, to a conversation about the state and future of queer studies and the role of Jack Halberstam’s work in the field in general and in relation to their own research. 

Welcome to join us in ‘thinking wildly’ with Jack Halberstam. The symposium is free and open by registration only.

Register before 13 March 2023 (registration opens 23 January)

Coffee and tea will be served during intermissions.

An event co-sponsored by the CIRCUS-funded network Nature as Culture: the (re)production of common sense and the Queer Research Group at the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University.

Photo by Del LaGrace Volcano


PROGRAMME (subject to slight change)

Thursday 16 March, Humanities Theatre

12-13.15  Registration for speakers and participants, Humanities Theatre

13.15  Introduction
Ingrid Berg, CIRCUS, Uppsala University
Ulrika Dahl and Jenny Björklund, Symposium organisers, Uppsala University

13.30  Panel I We’re here: On Archives
Chair: Jenny Björklund (Uppsala University)
13.30  Tiina Rosenberg (Stockholm University)
On Queer Subcultural Archives
13.50  Varpu Alasuutari (U. of Tampere) and Sara Salminen (Uppsala University)
Wild Archives
14.10  Ingrid Ryberg (Göteborg University)
Queerly remembered on VHS: the failure of the City Club (1965-70) Jubilee Videotape
14.30  Discussion

14.50  Coffee and Intermission
Josephine Baird (Uppsala University)

15.20  Panel II Temporalities of Queer Kinship
Chair: Ulrika Dahl  
15.20  Jenny Björklund (Uppsala University)
The Queer Art of Leaving: Maternal Abandonment in Twenty-First-Century Swedish Literature
15.40  Elin Bengtsson (Stockholm University)
“Daddy Says I Should Be Home at Nine”: Ageplay, Domesticity, and Temporality 
16.00  Erika Alm (Göteborg University)
Wild thinking with J.H.: Anarchic/Anachronic kinship
16.20  Jami Weinstein (Linköping University)
Time, worlds, future

16.40  Discussion

17.00  Comments from Jack Halberstam and joint discussion on the day’s themes

17.30  End of day


Friday 17 March, Humanities Theatre

9.00  Coffee  

9.30  Panel III Wilding and worlding theories
Chair: Marie Dalby (Uppsala University)
9.30  Jens Rydström (Lund University)
Into the wild and back again
9.50  Ann Sofie Lönngren (Södertörn University)
Thinking wildly with Chihuahuas
10.10  Wibke Straube (Karlstad University)
Unworlding and reworlding in trans art: Entering the affective phenomenon of a planet body undone
10.30  Discussion

10.50  Stretch                

11.00 Roundtable I Thinking wildly about queer Studies in Sweden  
Participants: Sam Holmqvist, Erika Alm, Tiina Rosenberg, Marie Dalby 
Chair: Ulrika Dahl    

12.15  Lunch break

13.25  Panel IV Wild affects, methods and pleasures
Chair: Sara Salminen
13.25  Ellen Suneson (Lund University)
To show but not tell: On scholarly embarrassment and themes of submission in 1970s feminist and queer feminist Nordic art
13.45  Jenny Sundén (Södertörn University)
Low theory, kink obscurity and a ‘closet-positive’ analysis: Sexual politics and pleasures beyond visibility and comprehension
14.05  Angelica Stathopoulos (independent Scholar, Copenhagen)
“On the Boredom of Whoredom: Rethinking Radical Passivity”
14.25  Discussion  

14.45  Coffee and intermission II
Josephine Baird (Uppsala University)

15.15  Roundtable 2: Kings in Conversation - Archival Futurities
Jack Halberstam & Del LaGrace Volcano
Chair: Samuel Girma (Art curator & Activist)

16.00  Closing remarks by Jack Halberstam

16.30  Send off by the organisers


See also: 

Saturday March 18 Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
Jack Halberstam (Columbia University)
Trans* after Trans
Keynote lecture at Moderna Museet in Stockholm
Conversation with Samuel Girma (Art curator & Activist) and Ulrika Dahl (Uppsala University)

This lecture is free and open to the public and is a collaboration between the Thinking Wildly with Jack Halberstam-symposium at Uppsala University, Moderna Museet and the project Radical Love: Care as Resistance.

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