Gender relay - five gender researchers talk about their research on abortion, exoskeletons, queer waiting, childlessness, and downshifting

  • Date: –19:30
  • Location: Uppsala City Library, Svartbäcksgatan 17 Mallas sal
  • Lecturer: Jenny Björklund, Lena Hann, Ida-Maja Lindström, Vanessa Noack, Oscar von Seth. Moderator: Ellinor Skagegård
  • Organiser: Centre for Gender Research and Uppsala City Library
  • Contact person: Joelin Quigley Berg
  • Phone: +46184712276
  • Kulturevenemang

Ellinor Skagegård interviews five gender researchers about their research on narratives of abortion, the development of exoskeletons, queer waiting, literary representations of childlessness, and “downshifting” or the pursuit of a more sustainable life.

Participants, all from the Centre for Gender Research: 
Ida-Maja Lindström, PhD students
Jenny Björklund, Professor
Lena Hann, Guest researcher
Oscar von Seth, Postdoctoral fellow
Vanessa Noack, PhD student

Moderator: Ellinor Skagegård, journalist and author.

Join us 7 March at 18:00, Uppsala City Library, Mallas sal!
Free entry. Limited number of seats.

Last modified: 2021-07-05