Gender Relay

Ellinor Skagegård interviews five gender researchers about their research on narratives of abortion, the development of exoskeletons in the military, queer waiting, literary representations of childlessness, and “downshifting” or the pursuit of living a simpler life.

Welcome at 18:00, Thursday 7 March in Mallas sal, Uppsala City Library!
Free entry. Limited number of seats. 

Photo: Joelin Quigley Berg and Mikael Wallerstedt

The event is held in collaboration with Uppsala City Library.

Participants, all from the Centre for Gender Research:
Ida-Maja Lindström, PhD student
Jenny Björklund, Professor
Lena Hann, Guest researcher
Oscar von Seth, Postdoctoral fellow
Vanessa Noack, PhD student

Moderator: Ellinor Skagegård,
journalist and author.

Last modified: 2024-02-16