Queer seminars

The Centre for Gender Research organises open queer seminars for all interested in and/or actively working with the concept of 'queer', through practice, theory or activism. 

The seminars are held 16.15-18.00 via Zoom.

Registration required! Click on the links below for more information and registration for each seminar. 

Programme spring semester 2023

Perversa tidsligheter: Ageplay och litenhet ur ett queertemporalt perspektiv​
Elin Bengtsson, Institutionen för etnologi, religionshistoria och genusvetenskap (ERG), Stockholms universitet

Staging Intersectionality: Queer Macho and Brown Revenge
John-Paul Zaccharini, Stockholm University of the Arts

Family Feminism: A Study of Swedish Feminist Politics and Research in Relation to Work, Family, and the Urgent Needs of the Present
Sara Edenheim, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies, Umeå University

Last modified: 2023-01-16