PhD in Gender Studies

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The interdisciplinary research conducted at the Centre for Gender Research results in a creative group environment made up by researchers who have their backgrounds in various disciplines in the faculties of the humanities, social sciences, natural/technological sciences and medicine.

The Centre for Gender Research at Uppsala University offers a PhD programme in Gender Studies.The programme started 2016 and a number of students within various disciplines have presented their theses during these years.

PhD in Gender Studies

PhD students placed at the Centre for Gender Research may be PhD students in Gender Studies, or PhD students “shared” with other disciplines at Uppsala University, or guest PhD students enrolled at other universities in Sweden or abroad. PhD studentships are advertised, when available, both on the Centre's website and on Uppsala University's website. 

At the Centre for Gender Research, the PhD student is a colleague and an important presence in the local research community. The PhD student will be expected to do course studies and thesis project work, but also to participate actively in seminars, conferences, work towards academic publications, and continuously work to stay up-to-date regarding current research in areas that are relevant to their thesis and to a degree in Gender Studies. The PhD may be pursued in English or Swedish.

Gender Studies Intensive PhD Courses 2022-2023

Note: Courses may be open to PhD students outside of Gender Studies and outside of Uppsala University. Most will take place face-to-face in-person only. Anybody outside of the Centre for Gender Research wanting to participate in a course should contact the Director of Graduate Studies, Professor Gabriele Griffin

Courses 2022–2023

  • Gender Theory, 7.5 credits​ (mandatory)
    Dates: 22–23 November 2022 
    Place: 13:11, Centre for Gender Research
    Teachers: Gabriele Griffin and Ulrika Dahl
  • Feminist Reading Methods, 7.5 credits (optional)
    Dates: 29-31 March 2023
    Place: Södertörn University, room TBA
    Teachers: Jenny Björklund and Ann-Sofie Lönngren
  • Jack Halberstam Masterclass (optional)
    Date: 17 March 2023
    Place: 12:07 (KWB), Centre for Gender Research
    Teacher: Ulrika Dahl
    Note: This masterclass will possibly be part of a PhD course on queer with credits.
  • Gender Research Methods, 7.5 credits (mandatory)
    Dates: 3–4 May 2023
    Place: 13:11, Centre for Gender Research
    Teachers: Gabriele Griffin, Jacob Bull, Karin S. Lindelöf, Jenny Björklund, Helena Wahlström Henriksson
  • Faculty course: Professional Training in the Humanities, 7.5 credits (mandatory)
    Date: TBA
    Teacher: Ulrika Dahl
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