Forskargrupper vid Centrum för genusvetenskap

Education and Science Research Group

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Forskargruppen EduS (Education and Science) arbetar med projekt som tar sikte på att undersöka olika pedagogiska rum, lärar-, elev- och studentidentiteter, samt lärandestrategier. Vi är intresserade av hur kunskap och identiteter skapas i olika slags utbildningsinstitutioner. Hur påverkar ämneskulturer, kunskapssyn, språk och pedagogiska praktiker lärande- och identitetsprocesser? Hur reproduceras och utmanas maktrelationerna i dessa processer och på vilka sätt är de genusifierade?

Education and Science

Family and Kinship Research Group

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Few questions raise more heated debate than those pertaining to family and kinship, and indeed, few areas demonstrate more clearly the interconnectedness of the private and the public. The Family and Kinship group offers a forum for networking and critique across disciplines and areas of interest. Participants come from a range of disciplines, from literature, philosophy and anthropology to law, political science, public health, and reproductive health. Areas of interest include, for example, reproductive technologies (ARTs) and rights, friendship and intimacy, parenthood, queer families, violence, and practical and conceptual borders between kin and non-kin.

Family and Kinship

Humanimal Studies Research Group

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Drawing on a range of approaches from different disciplines, Animal Studies recognises the significance of animals in human lives. It highlights how “the human” and the “non-human” have always been in “interimplication” with each other (Butler 2004), and articulates how species intersect with other power relations including (but not limited to) gender, class, race, ability, and sexuality.

Humanimal Studies

Queer Research Group

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The queer research group gathers researchers with an interest in non-normative genders and sexualities. Members have a range of disciplinary backgrounds and interests, including LGBTQ studies, transgender studies, studies of heteronormativity, sexual health, non-heterosexual (assisted) reproduction, queer kinship and family-making and intimacy, histories and contemporary forms of LGBTQ activism and cultural production, LGBTQ literature and queer readings, queer digital cultures and gaming, and forms of state and interpersonal violence against and among LGBTQ people.

Queer Studies

Technologization of the Everyday

The Technologization of the Everyday research group aims for dialogue and research about technologization, its genesis, application and effects in the everyday. The pervasiveness of technology and the unselfconscious use of technology in the everyday can blind us to the hidden – and sometimes not so hidden – impacts of that technology, the ways in which we produce digital labour, for instance, and how we are surveillanced in the process. These issues and many others that affect all of us are at the core of this research group’s preoccupation.

Tech of the Everyday

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