Masterclass with Jack Halberstam

As a part of Professor Jack Halberstam’s week-long residency at the Centre for Gender
research, they will be offering a masterclass for PhD students around a set of topics and
readings, namely questions of sexual hegemonies, anarchy, classification systems,
architecture, structure, systems, collapse. The master class also provides an opportunity to ask questions about Jack Halberstam’s earlier work.

Time and place: 16 March 2023, 9:15-12:00 in room KWB, Centre for Gender Research

Eligibility, Registration, and Practical Matters

Apply by writing a brief (one paragraph) motivation for why you wish to take the class and send it to the course administrator by 7 January 2023.

The masterclass is limited to 20 participants and is first and foremost for PhD students working at institutions in Sweden. Space permitting, advanced MA students and PhD students from elsewhere may also attend. Participation is free but attendants must fund their own travel and accommodation.

Following the master class, March 16-17, there will be a symposium entitled ‘Thinking wildly with Jack Halberstam,’ bringing together a range of queer studies scholars working in Sweden and the Nordic Region. You are welcome to stay for the symposium, please indicate in your
application if you plan to do so, for space and food purposes.

More instructions and information will be provided closer to the event (which includes
coffee and lunch) and participants will get a certificate that can be used to obtain course
credit if needed.

If you have any questions about the Masterclass, please contact Ulrika Dahl.

Required readings (to be obtained upon registration)

  • Amin, Kadji. 2022. “We Are All Nonbinary: A Brief History of Accidents” Representations 158, pp 106-119.
  • Halberstam, Jack. 2022. ”Gender Trouble in Paradise” Representations 158 pp 17-29.
  • Halberstam, Jack. 2018. “Unbuilding Gender,” Places Journal, October.
  • Stanley, Eric A. 2022. ”Death drop: Becoming the universe at the end of the world” in Atmospheres of Violence: Structuring antagonism and the trans/queer ungovernable. Durham: Duke University Press
  • Chitty, Christopher. 2020. ”Sodomy and the Government of Cities” in Sexual Hegemony. Durham: Duke University press.
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