Chalmers University of Technology

  • Erik Olsson, Centre for Healthcare Improvement
    Motherhood; child health nurses; Somali-born mothers; Swedish-born mothers; social constructionism; value co-creation.

University of Dalarna

  • Zlatana Knezevic, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Division of Social work
    Child protection; policy; epistemics; childhood studies; gender theory; gender based violence; knowledge production.


  • Kristina Alstam, Department of Social Work
    Parents, Power, Poverty. On choice and responsibility in two parental communities.
  • Rakel Berman, Department of Social Work
    Dual residence; shared residence; post-divorce childhood; childhood studies; family practices.
  • Sofia Björk, Department of Sociology and Work Science
    Parental ideals, filial caregiving, masculinity, femininity, emotions.
  • Ulla Björnberg, Department of Sociology and Work Science
    Family, family policy/welfare, gender, work and family, generational family relations, refugee, asylum, migration.
  • Daniela Cutas, Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science
    Ethics of close personal relationships; children and the family; postmenopausal motherhood; postponed parenthood; responsibility for children.
  • Ingrid Höjer, Department of Social Work
    Child welfare; foster care; young people leaving care.
  • Thomas Johansson, Department of Education, Communication and Learning
    Masculinity; fatherhood; family studies; gender theory; child and youth studies.
  • Charlotte Melander, Department of Social Work
    Family and migration, transnational families, social support exchanges/social contracts, unaccompanied children, young carers
  • Erik Mägi, Department of Law
    Parenthood, Family Law, Rights of the child, Normcritical studies, Intersectionality, Legal design

Jönköping University

  • Disa Bergnehr, School of Health and Welfare
    Parenthood, parent support, home-school relations, immigrant parenting, resettlement practices, family policies, family life, childhood.
  • Jenny Bonnevier School of Education and Communication
    Assisted reproductive technologies; family and national identity; contemporary American literature and culture; feminist science fiction; popular culture.

Karlstad University

  • Tobias Hübinette
    Transnational and transracial adoption; reproduction; race; whiteness.

Karolinska Institutet

  • Helena Tinnerholm-Ljungberg, Institute of Environmental Medicine
    Politics, reproduction, reproductive technology, discourse theory,  psychoanalysis, queer theory etc.

Kristianstad University

  • Lena Ahlin, Faculty of Education
    Asian American literature; transnational adoption; transracial adoption; life narratives; affect; melancholia; inauthenticity

Linköping University

  • Maria Berglund, Comparative Literature
    Comparative literature; contemporary literature; Sweden; migration; parenthood; fathers; mothers; migrants.
  • Disa Bergnehr, Department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies
    Parent support; immigrant parenthood; family policies; parenting ideals; home-school relations; the transition to parenthood.
  • Lisa Guntram, Department of Thematic Studies - Technology and Social Change
    Assisted reproductive technologies, sexed embodiment, kinship, transplantation, sexuality, gender, variations of sex development
  • Roger Klinth, Department of Thematic Studies - Gender Studies
    Faderskap, manlighet, familj, föräldraskap, genus, jämställdhet, barn, barndom.
  • Judith Lind, Department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies
    Adoption; state regulation of parenthood; parent support; parents’ discussion fora; parent vetting; assisted reproduction; sterilization; the best interest of the child.
  • Cecilia Lindgren, Department of Thematic Studies – Child Studies, Educational Sciences
    Child adoption policies and practices, parenting assessment in social work, the history of childhood, child and family politics in the Nordic welfare states, children and childhood in popular culture.
  • Anna Malmquist, Department of Behavioural Studies and Learning
    Lgbtq, lesbian parent, heteronormativity, discursive psychology, same-sex parents.
  • Sarah Mitchell, Department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies (Tema Barn)
    Fatherhood, images, visual culture, discourse, masculinity, Swedish ​
  • Ulrika Wernesjö, Department of Social and Welfare Studies
    Migration, forced migration, childhood, unaccompanied minors, child protection, belonging
  • Kristin Zeiler, Department of Thematic Studies – Technology and Social Change
    Assisted reproduction; parenthood; cultural norms; ethics; intrafamilial donation; medical humanties, feminist phenomenology.
  • Karin Zetterqvist Nelson, Department of Thematic Studies - Child Studies
    Parenthood, childhood, doing family, migrant family, child perspective.

Linnaeus University

  • Stina Ericsson, Department of Swedish
    Children, gender, sexuality, family norms, linguistics, Swedish language.

Lund University

  • Malinda Andersson, School of Social Work
    Social policy; welfare discourses, knowledge production, social differentiation, racialization.
  • Terese Anving, Department of Gender Studies
    Care, paid domestic care, intergenerational care, family practices, qualitative methods​.
  • Sara Eldén, Department of Sociology
    Family, personal life, children, care, care work, innovative qualitative methods.
  • Kristina Göransson, School of Social Work
    Intergenerational relations; family practices; parenting; educational work; ethnography; Asia.

Malmö University

  • Catrine Andersson, Department for Social Work
    Family policy, Marriage, Cohabitation, Norms of coupledom, Queer, Polyamory, Welfare state
  • Lars Plantin, Department for Social Work
    Parenthood, fatherhood, family, everyday life. 
  • Angelica Wågby, Department for Social Work
    Social work, family law, custody evaluations, children, childhood, children's relations, children's participation.

Mälardalen University

  • Anna-Lena Almqvist, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare, Division of Social Work
    Work, family and policy issues in a national and cross-national comparative perspective; fathers, men and masculinities; children in preschool; teenage and lesbian parenthood.
  • Heléne Appelgren Engström, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare. 
    Two-mother families, assisted repruduction technique, equality, parenthood, parental support.

Region Västra Götaland

  • Kristin Eliasson, Centre for Equity in Health Care
    Motherhood; child health nurses; Somali-born mothers; Swedish-born mothers; social constructionism; value co-creation.

Stockholm University

  • Fanny Ambjörnsson, Gender studies
    Queer youth, resistance, gender, reproductive work.
  • Katarina Boye, Swedish Institute for Social Research
    Gendered work division, social policy, parental leave, parenthood, labour market outcomes, gender wage gap.
  • Linnéa Bruno, Department of Social Work
    Sociology of childhood, social policy, domestic violence, family law.
  • Johanna Gondouin, Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender Studies
    Transnational surrogacy, transnational adoption, media representations, commercial surrogacy in India, postcolonial feminist theory, neoliberalism, biopolitics.
  • Lucas Gottzén, Department of Child and Youth Studies
    Affect; childhood; gender; intergenerational relations; intimate partner violence; parenthood; personal life.
  • Adam Hjorthén, Department of History
    Migration, family history, genealogy, Swedish-America, historical belonging.
  • Amanda Johansson Köves, Department of Law
    The concept of family, family constellations, migration, family reunifications, Swedish family law, international human rights law, gender.
  • Jenny Lönnroth, Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender studies
    Parenthood, childhood, migration, refugees, identity, (trans)nationalism, intersectionality, hospitality studies.
  • Hanne Martinek, Department of Political Science
    Gender, welfare regimes, social inequality, poverty, social citizenship, male breadwinner model, adult worker model.
  • Livia Sz. Oláh, Department of Sociology
    Family, family demography (fertility, marriage, separation/divorce), gender relations (in the family and societal level), public policy/welfare regime.
  • Ida Viklund, Department of Sociology
    Family policy, parental leave, childcare, work-family reconciliation, demography, union dissolution, register data.

Södertörn University

  • Karin Borevi, School of Social Sciences
    Family migration, family reunification, immigration, civic integration, citizenship, multiculturalism.
  • Liz Kella, Department of Culture and Education
    Orphan figures, postmemory generations, mother-daughter relations, American studies, ethnic literatures.
  • Katarina Mattson, Department of Culture an Education
    Transnational families, whiteness, intersectionality, identities & belongings. 

Umeå University

  • Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Department of Sociology
    Transition to adulthood, family size, family structure, health, well-being.
  • Daniela Cutas, Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies
    Ethics of close personal relationships, children and the family, postmenopausal motherhood, postponed parenthood, responsibility for children.
  • Kalle Grill, Department of historical, philosophical and religious studies
    Paternalism, autonomy, respect, family forms, public health, population ethics.
  • Disa Helander, Umeå Centre for Gender Studies (UGCS)
    Family reunification; migration control; DNA and genetics; queer theory; postcolonial theory.​
  • Elin Jonsson, Umeå Forum for Studies on Law and Society
    Feminist legal studies, parenthood regulation, assisted reproduction, constructions of gender, sexuality.
  • Elizabeth Perry, Department of law
    Comparative law, Sweden, California, child support, legal systems, family law.
  • Magdalena Sjöberg, Department of Sociology
    Parenting support by peers and professionals, Discourses about good motherhood, Family, risk theory
  • Ulrika Widding, Department of Education
    Parenthood, parent support, premature birth, gender, critical discursive psychology.
  • Berit Åström, Department of Language Studies
    Motherhood, postfeminist fatherhood, transhistorical tropes, gender, cultural studies.

Uppsala University

  • Olga Abreu Fernandes, Department of Education
    Multilingual families,  language practices, learning and socialization, relationships and emotional life, social interaction, linguistic ethnography.
  • Jenny Björklund, Centre for Gender Research
    Non-normative families, motherhood, precarious family positions, gender, queer theory, literature, cultural representations.
  • Maja Bodin, Department of Women's and Children's Health/Centre for Gender Research
    Family planning, preconception health, fertility, parenthood, gender equality, masculinities.
  • Margareta Brattström, Department of Law
    Family law, family property, marriage, cohabitation law, registered partnership.
  • Ulrika Dahl, Centre for Gender Research
    Queer kinship, affect, reproductive technology, gender, race, nation.
  • Lise Eriksson, Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre (CRS)
    Surrogacy, assisted reproductive technologies, Nordic countries, comparative policy analysis, sociology of religion.
  • Margaretha Fahlgren, Department of Literature
  • Klara Goedecke, Centre for Gender Research
    Men's friendships, intimacy, homosociality, homoeroticism, masculine positions, Sweden.
  • Gabriele Griffin, Centre for Gender Research
    Biotechnologies, donor offspring, stepmothering, cultural constructions of mother-child relations.
  • Doris Leibetseder, Centre for Gender Research
    Queer, transgender, intersex, dis/ability, assisted reproductive technologies, intersectionality, queer necropolitics.
  • Erika Mårtensson, Centre for Gender Research and Dept. of Women's and Childrens Health
    Informal caregiving, daughters, psychological distress, eHealth
  • Elina Nilsson, Centre for Gender Research
    Gender, motherhood, commercial surrogacy, reproductive technologies, Thailand, parental ideals and practices, migration
  • Elisabet Näsman, Department of Sociology
  • Helga Sadowski, Department of Informatics and Media
    Doing family and intimacy in the context of digital and social media
  • Anna Singer, Department of Law
    Children's rights, assisted reproduction, establishment of legal parenthood, best interest of the child, parental responsibility.
  • Ingeborg Svensson, Department of Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology
  • Sara Sylvén, Department of Neuroscience, Psychiatry and Department of Women's and Children's Health
    Motherhood, Depression, Postpartum, Peripartum, Breastfeeding
  • Helena Wahlström Henriksson, Centre for Gender Research
    Parenthood; non-normative families; orphans and childhood; precarious family positions; cultural representations.
  • Katarina Westerlund, Department of Theology
    World-view studies; religion; attitudes; normality; children; mother; father.
  • Anna Williams, Department of Literature
    Swedish/Scandinavian literature; motherhood; the welfare state; gender; narratology; sociology of literature.
  • Annie Woube, Centre for Gender Research
    Leisure research, co-habitation of family and kin, intersectionality, national and transnational second homes, home-making, women’s exercising, ethnography.

Örebro University

  • Jenny Alsarve, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
    Lone motherhood; work-family integration; family practices; parenthood; mothers; fathers.
  • Felicia Garcia, Center for Feminist Social Studies
    Fatherhood, masculinity, ethnography, salutogenesis, psychological wellbeing, contrastive analysis.
  • Christine Roman, School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences
    Gender; work–family integration; working lone mothers; parental ideals and practices; transition to parenthood.

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