Research projects

Discussion Paper by Daniela Vono de Vilhena and Livia Sz. Oláh

Maria Berglund, Linköping University and Swedish Migration Center in Karlstad
Father in new fatherland, mother in new mother soil

Daniela Cutas (PI), Anca Gheaus, Kalle Grill, Umeå University
Close personal relationships, children and the family: ethical and political analysis against a changing background

Marie Evertsson (PI), Jenny Alsarve, Katarina Boye, Christine Roman, Stockholm University and Örebro University
Between Dream and Reality: International and National Studies of Parenting and Work from a Gender Perspective

Christine Roman (PI), Jenny Alsarve, Åsa Lundqvist, Örebro University and Lund University
Lone Mothers and Long Hours: Gender and Work in a New Welfare Regime

Christine Roman (PI), Jan-Magnus Enelo, Daniel Sjödin, Örebro University
The Child as a Project: Parenting Ideals, Parenting Practices and the  Professionalization of Parenthood

Sara Eldén och Terese Anving Department of Sociology, Lund University
Omsorg om barn i de köpta barnpassnings- tjänsternas tidevarv

Jenny Björklund and Helena Wahlström Henriksson, Uppsala University
Close Relations: Representations of Family and Kinship in 21st Century Swedish Culture

Anna Williams, Uppsala University
Mother Anyway: Literary, Medical and Media Narratives (Mamma hursomhelst. Litterära, medicinska och mediala berättelser)

Disa Bergnehr, Jönköping University
‘Resettlement strategies in families: Immigrant parenting, adolescent development, and psychological health’.

Adam Hjorthén, Stockholm University
The Transatlantic Family: Swedish-American Genealogy and Historical Belonging across Borders, ca. 1945-2016.

Katarina Boye, Stockholm University
Parenthood ideals and their realisation. Parents’ perceptions of what helps and hinders shared parenthood in Sweden

Katarina Boye, Stockholm University
Gender identity formation and/or employers differential treatment? The transition to parenthood as a critical juncture for gender inequality in the labor market

Lucas Gottzén, Stockholm University
Parents’ and friends’ responses to young men’s violence towards young women in intimate relationships. Financed by Forte, 2016-2019.

Doris Leibetseder, Uppsala University
Reproductive Ethics: an example of queer-feminist justice

Johanna Gondouin, Stockholm University
Mediating Global Motherhood. Gender, race and sexuality in swedish media representations of transnational surrogacy and transnational adoption. Ongoing research project funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Klara Goedecke, Uppsala University
Among bros, buddies and BFFs. Men’s friendships in contemporary Sweden (prelimiary title)

Rakel Berman, University of Gothenburg
Children’s Experiences of Dual Residence in Sweden