Clitoris reconstructive surgery after female genital cutting

This project explores the meaning of clitoris reconstructive surgery after female genital cutting (FGC) in a Swedish context. Sweden is a highly multi-cultural country, where almost one fifth the population are immigrants. Many of these come from countries where female genital cutting, a cultural practice that may involve cutting of the clitoris, is common.

A relatively new technique of reconstructive surgery of the clitoris is now available, but the potential benefits and risk in relation to this surgery is poorly understood. The aims of the study are to gain a deeper understanding of how

  1. women requesting surgery reflect over their experience of living with FGC,
  2. how women requesting surgery perceive and experience clitoris reconstructive surgery, and 
  3. how clitoris reconstructive surgery is perceived by health care professionals.

I am particularly interested in understanding how surgery is understood in relation to health and well-being; gendered body norms, self-image and identity; sexual function; and cross-cultural difference.

Researcher: Malin Jordal

Senast uppdaterad: 2022-10-14