Nordic Feminism – Colonial Past and Present

This research project focuses on Nordic coloniality, epistemology and queerness. I’m interested in how coloniality operates in the archive of Nordic feminism, specifically in relation to how different complicated/complex knowledge claims are articulated, and how they emerge. To investigate this, I build on queer studies and Indigenous Sámi feminist thinking, as well as different feminist archival methods.

As this study focuses on existing academic texts and current practices, it also aims to provide a form of ‘thinking with’ in dialogue that moves towards an exploration of decolonial practice in the academy, through a reading of different artistic projects. I understand this as a practice of considering different archives against and along each other: the queer, the Sámi, and the Nordic feminist in thinking about epistemic practices and potentials.

Contact: Sara Salminen

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Senast uppdaterad: 2022-10-14