Body Claims

9. Body Claims
Bromseth, Janne, Käll, Lisa Folkmarson & Mattsson, Katarina (eds.) (2009) (234 pp.) 150 kr; 15 EUR

What is a BODY? What expectations, desires, thoughts, and emotions do bodies evoke? What kind of subjectivities do bodies reflect and give rise to and how do they receive their meanings in relation to one another? In what ways does the materiality of bodies stick to our thinking? In both feminist theorizing and our lived cultures, the body is a contested zone that invites our attention and elicits inquiry. The articles in this volume all deal with claims made about the body – ranging from critical analysis of how bodies are positioned and marked in everyday cultural practice, to theoretical contributions to our conceptual understanding of what bodies are and can do.

Through the various readings and engaged dialogues this collection makes its own bodily claims . Covering and crossing a wide variety of disciplines and fields of research, the different articles contribute to an ongoing deconstruction and reconstruction of traditional disciplinary boundaries.

Participating authors: Malin Ah-King, Janne Bromseth, Kristina Eriksson, Tora Holmberg, Lisa Folkmarson Käll, Denise Malmberg, Katarina Mattsson, Fredrik Palm.