Critical Perspectives on Masculinities and Relationalities. In Relation to What?

24. Critical Perspectives on Masculinities and Relationalities. In relation to what? 
Häyrén, Anneli, Wahlström Henriksson, Helena (Eds.) Springer

This volume explores which relations produce or maintain masculinities and certain gendered systems of power and the consequences of these gender constructions that further gender research. To understand the meanings of masculinity/masculinities and relationalities as critical concepts in gender studies it takes a wide theoretical grip that spans over several research fields. From a feminist perspective, it critically investigates masculinities as relationally constructed by scrutinizing which relations construct masculinity within a certain gendered system of power, such as the nation, the family, or the workplace, and explores how this is done. ‘In relation to what?’ is hence, in spite of its almost vulgar rhetorical simplicity, an important question in investigating and problematizing gender.