Illdisciplined Gender Engaging Questions of Nature/Culture and Transgressive Encounters

23. Illdisciplined Gender Engaging Questions of Nature/Culture and Transgressive Encounters
Bull, Jacob, Fahlgren, Margaretha (Eds.) (2016) (pp. 159) Springer

This volume offers some of the outputs, challenges and opportunities created in an interdisciplinary programme that was set up to engage multi-, inter- and transdisciplinary perspectives on issues at the intersections of nature and culture, sex and gender. When working with mass spectrometers, microscopes, discourse analysis or interviews, one rarely has to explain them to colleagues. They are the tools used. But when working in inter- or transdisciplinary settings, such tools require explanations. These conversations make evident that trans and interdisciplinary (gender) research is a not just a novelty requiring an adjectival prefix ‘trans-‘ or ‘inter-’, it is something done, performed, practiced. Moreover it is something done in particular spaces, a consequence of particular meetings – transgressive encounters. This collection is built on work conducted under the GenNa: Nature/Culture and Transgressive Encounters Research Programme, funded by the Swedish research council. It brings together a range of scholars from the humanities, natural, physical, life, and social sciences by so doing it reflects on the challenges, risks and opportunities of doing trans- and interdisciplinary work. The result is a collection that uses a multitude of tools to examine issues such as sexual difference, hydro power exploitation, research seminars, dairy farming, the spaces between molecules, film and identity. They are witness to the diversity created through transgressive encounters and illustrations of doing inter- and transdisciplinary research.