Never mind the gap! Gendering Science in Transgressive Encounters

15. Never mind the gap! Gendering Science in Transgressive Encounters
Blomqvist, Martha & Ehnsmyr, Ester (eds.) (2010) (238 pp.) 150 kr; 15 EUR

Never mind the gap gives an informed and up-todate overview of a new generation of feminist science studies, encountering the nature/culture research field. It illuminates the great variety of approaches in studies conducted in the field, pointing at recent advances, present challenges and possibilities, and it provides ample references for anyone interested in further reading. This publication should therefore be of interest not only to researchers already involved in the research areas presented here, but to anyone who wishes to keep an eye on recent developments in these fields of research trying to transgress boundaries between nature and culture and to develop a better understanding of gender aspects in natural sciences. We hope that the book will challenge at least some of the readers’ assumptions about ‘other’ disciplines as well as their own.

Participating authors: Malin Ah-King, Staffan Bergwik, Anna Danielsson, Rebekah Fox, Helene Götschel, Tora Holmberg, Anna T. Höglund, Anelis Kaiser, Elvira Scheich