12. Normality/Normativity
Käll, Lisa Folkmarson (ed.) (2009) (256 pp.) 150 kr; 15 EUR

NormaLity/Normativity brings together essays from a number of different fields that challenge the selfevidence of normality and bring to light its normative dimensions. Exploring how normative boundaries of normality are established, reinforced and disrupted in various ways, the essays demonstrate the co-dependence and intimate intermingling of normality and normativity and show how lines of demarcation between the normal and deviant are not always clear cut but often characterized by ambiguity.

Participating authors: Jenny Björklund, Hilde Bondevik, Gunn Engelsrud, Jens Eriksson, Jessika Grahm, Ingvil Hellstrand, Maria Jönsson, Lisa Folkmarson Käll, Varpu Löyttyniemi.