Transforming Substance - Gender in Material Sciences

19. Transforming Substance - Gender in Material Sciences
Götschel, Helene (ed.) (2013) (227 pp.) 150 kr; 15 EUR

Non-human materials, the components of the material world, whose properties are studied in material sciences such as physics, chemistry, and mechanical engineering, are rarely studied materials both in gender studies and materiality studies. Transforming Substance brings together works in gender and material sciences that conceptualise and analyse inanimate materials and scientific concepts such as steel, benzene, plasma, electricity, and chemical reactions. The bodies the authors study are heaters, cars, matter of paradise, amber stones, molecules, and others. In their writings they transgress the boundaries between the material and the discursive. In addition, they challenge how we do understand the material in material sciences.

Participating authors: Martina Erlemann, Ute Frietsch, Helene Götschel, Ágnes Kovács, Julia Nentwich, Ursula Offenberger, Helena Pettersson, Andrea Wolffram.