The Centre for Gender Research celebrates it's 40th anniversary

This year, we're celebrating that the Centre for Gender Research, or the Centre for Female Researchers and Women's Research, as it was previously called, has existed at Uppsala University for over 40 years!

The Centre for Gender Research was established in 2003 and has, according to instructions from the Vice-Chancellor, a commitment to carry out research and teaching within the field of gender studies, which includes different perspectives on sex and gender, as well as critical perspectives on how sex and gender interact with other dimensions of power. But already in 1982 the Centre for Female Researchers and Women's Research was established as an independent unit within Uppsala University.

It is now just over 40 years since research and education within the field of gender studies found a home at Uppsala University, and 20 years since the Centre for Gender Research was established in its current form – and this is cause for celebration! During 2023 the Centre is offering a range of different activities in order to shine a light on, discuss and reflect on gender research and gender studies as a subject.

The history of the Centre

Jubilee events

Apart from our regular seminar programmes, the Thursday seminars and Queer seminars, we are also hosting a panel discussion, in collaboration with Uppsala city library: "What is gender research?", as well as a queer studies symposium, in collaboration with CIRCUS: "Thinking Wildly with Jack Halberstam". We are also reviving our popular Feminist City Tours around Uppsala (one in Swedish in the spring, and one in English in the autumn). 

Jubilee conference 2023

The culmination of our celebrations is the Jubilee conference 12-13 October 2023, focusing on the breadth and diversity within current gender research. 

Read more about the Jubilee conference

Last modified: 2023-06-01