Jubilee conference

The Centre for Gender Research is celebrating over 40 years of research and education within the field of gender studies at Uppsala University, and 20 years since the Centre for Gender Research was established in its current form, with a jubilee conference 12-13 October 2023. The breadth and and diversity within gender research is the focus for the conference, which is held in the University Main Building.

Keynote speakers:

  • Elizabeth A. Wilson is a Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor in the Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at the Emory College of Arts and Sciences, USA. Her work has explored how biological data, psychoanalysis, and affect theory can be used to foster conceptual innovation in feminist theory.
  • Katarina Pirak Sikku is an artist living in Jokkmokk. Her artistic work takes its starting point in the Sami family history and historical facts that have had an affect on her own life. 
  • Ann Phoenix is Professor of Psychosocial Studies at the University College London, UK. Her research has included work on boys and masculinities, young people and consumption and adult reconceptualisations of 'non-normative' childhoods', particularly of serial migration, visibly ethnically mixed households and language brokering in transnational families.

The programme also inclides presentations by researchers at the Centre for Gender Research.

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