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Front cover of lambda nordica,
vol. 26:4-1 (2021) SKEV

As of 2022 Marie Dalby, Matilda Lindgren and Sara Salminen – all active at the Centre for Gender Research – are the new book review editors for the peer-reviewed, open access academic journal of LGBTQ studies, lambda nordica

What is your role as book review editors? 
As book review editors we are responsible for the review section of the queer Nordic journal lambda nordica. This means identifying new and exciting works relevant for lambda nordica to review, facilitate contact with possible reviewers and support them in their working process. 

What types of books can be reviewed? 
 Academic works, meaning newly published books, anthologies, and PhD-dissertations. This can also mean reviewing thematic issues of relevant journals. The review objects should  have a connection to the Nordic LGBTQ+/queer context, for instance, works dealing with issues relevant for queer Nordic subjects or authors affiliated with the region are of interest.

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About the book review editors: 

Marie Dalby is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Gender Research and the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University, Sweden. She holds an MA in Danish and Gender Studies from Copenhagen University. Her current research project involves exploring queer orientations in previous scholarly literature on video games, and working out a queer and feminist theoretical framework and methodology for reading games, by trying out different strategies on Dark Souls (2011) and Bloodborne (2015). (Languages: Danish, Swedish, English).

Matilda Lindgren is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies and Reproductive Medicine at the Centre for Gender Research at Uppsala University, affiliated with the research school WOMHER (Women's Mental Health during the Reproductive Life Span). She has a broad interest in issues of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and holds an MA in Gender Studies and an MSc in Global Health. For her PhD project, Matilda examines decision-making power in assisted reproduction with donated eggs and embryos, using bio-politics and critical kinship studies as lenses to explore understandings of queer assisted reproduction in clinical settings. (Languages: Swedish, English).

Sara Salminen is a PhD candidate in Gender Studies at the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University, and affiliated with the Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies on Racism (CEMFOR). She holds an MA in Gender Studies with a background in Political Science. Sara's research focuses on Nordic coloniality, gender and sexuality through a conversation between queer studies and Indigenous Sámi feminist thinking, by examining the interconnections of queer(ness) and the archive. (Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English).

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