Researchers from the Centre presenting at the g22 conference


The 5th national conference for gender research, Shaping Hopeful Futures in Times of Uncertainty, is organised by Karlstad University, 26-28 October, and several researchers from the Centre are participating as presenters, panelists and moderators. These gender research conferences are a great way of connecting with colleagues and gender researchers from different disciplines, nationally and internationally.  

g22 logoThe keynote speakers include: Fataneh FarahaniJack HalberstamUlla MannsAndrea Pető, and Jens Rydström, and the conference programme is packed with exciting presentations and discussion points.

Researchers from the Centre for Gender Research at Uppsala University, are presenting on a number of themes and topics, including:

  • Undisclosed: The impact of shame in lesbian and queer victim-survivors’ accounts of violence
    Nicole Ovesen
  • Imagining the future through planned reproduction: policy-making on egg and embryo donation in the Swedish welfare state
    Matilda Lindgren
  • I want to be able to raise my children”: Commercial surrogacy as a two-sided family planning strategy
    Elina Nilsson
  • Struggling to Become Mother: Literary Representations of Involuntary Childlessness
    Jenny Björklund
  • A roadmap to study gender in e-science
    Öznur Karakas
  • Orientations in queer game studies
    Marie Dalby
  • Naming streets in a post-asylum landscape – cultural heritage processes and the politics of ableism
    Cecilia Rodéhn
  • En svensk neutral naturkulturidentitet i förskolan – osynliggörande eller aktivt arbete för jämställdhet och jämlikhet
    Catarina Wahlgren

g22 is the fifth national conference for gender studies in Sweden. Previous conferences have been organized by the University of Gothenburg (g12), Umeå University (g14), Linköping University (g16), and the University of Gothenburg (g19).

Read more about the conference, register, and see the whole conference programme here: Shaping Hopeful Futures in Times of Uncertainty: The Challenges and Possibilities of Gender Studies.

Last modified: 2021-09-10