New book on queer kinship in the Baltic region and beyond


From the intersection of queer studies, area studies and critical kinship studies, this groundbreaking collection explores queer (non-heterosexual) family practices and kinship formations from converging perspectives and in a range of geopolitical settings around the Baltic Sea region and beyond. 

Book coverEmpirically grounded and in critical dialogue with international scholarship, the volume simultaneously places (queer) kinship and reproduction at the centre of area studies and contributes to the de-centring of Western, Anglo-American theoretical and empirical dominance within feminist and queer kinship studies. 

Using examples from Denmark, Finland, Greece, Norway, Poland and  Sweden, this book highlights the importance of geopolitics in the understandings of queer kinship. Contributors explore the centrality of sexuality in assisted reproduction, family-making and other forms of queer/ing kinship and intimacy by focusing on equality, the role of the state, of technologies in making and breaking kinship, and further the theoretical discussion on matters of mourning, inter-generationality, embodiment, labour and citizenship. 

Queer(y)ing Kinship in the Baltic Region and Beyond (open access)
Editors: Ulrika Dahl, Joanna Mizielinska, Raili Uibo and Antu Sorainen

Last modified: 2021-09-10