Festschrift for the Centre for Gender Research


In recognition of the Centre for Gender Research's 40th anniversary of research at teaching at Uppsala University, a Festschrift for the Centre has been published with 20 chapters ranging from accounts of the history of the Centre, to research articles, and to personal reflections on Gender Studies and the role as a gender researchers. 

The book, 40 Years of Gender Research! Festschrift for the Centre for Gender Research, features contributions from various people connected to, or active at the Centre; researchers at different stages of their academic careers, permanent staff as well as guest researchers, current and past researchers, teachers and PhD students. The volume offers a set of texts (some written in English, and some in Swedish) on topics ranging from personal histories of the Centre and gender research, to reflections on working life at the Centre/as a gender researcher, to research articles on different subjects, that in themselves testify to the lively and diverse research environment at the Centre for Gender Research.

The Festschrift is Open Access and can be downloaded here.
If you would like a physical copy, please contact us.  

Last modified: 2021-09-10