Close Relations: Family, Kinship and Beyond


The most recent book in the Crossroads of Knowledge book seriesClose Relations: Family, Kinship and Beyond, explores close relations from several different perspectives. The anthology offers chapters on a wide range of topics within the field of family and kinship, including queer constructions of family, friendship relations, experiences of adoption, cross-cultural kinning, polyamorous parenthood, motherhood and mothering, and negotiations of “good” parenthood.

With its many explorations into close relations, Close Relations: Family, Kinship and Beoynd (eds H. Wahlström Henriksson and K. Goedecke), looks both at the concepts of family and kinship as they are traditionally understood, but also beyond these categories; widening our understanding of, and approach to, close relations. It delves into issues of belonging, legitimacy and boundaries surrounding close relations and explores dimensions of power such as gender, class, sexuality, nationality, race, ethnicity and age. The book is a great resource for researchers, students, and anyone with a special interest in phenomena such as family, kin, and parenthood. 

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Wahlström Henriksson, H. and Goedecke, K. (2021) Close Relations: Family, Kinship and Beyond, Published by Springer, ISBN 978-981-16-0792-9

Last modified: 2021-09-10