New project on how experimental practices shape learning processes receives funding


A new project on how experimental practices in the natural sciences shape learning processes has received funding from the Swedish Research Council (VR). 

The project, entitled How does matter matter? Gendered, emotional and material entanglements in student-teacher-material learning, is led by Anita Hussénius but also involves Kristina Andersson, Annica Gullberg and Jenny Ivarsson. 

Using Barad's concept of material-discursive practice the project aims to explore how experimental practices, as part of teaching within the natural sciences, shape learning processes, beyond human-human interaction. The purpose is to examine students’ and teachers’ gendered and emotional embodiment of scientific practices including the materiality, through entangled intra-actions, and how that influences science teaching and learning. Furthermore, the project will explore in what ways such intra-actions may influence students’ continued trajectory into, or away from, studying higher levels of science and/or pursuing professional careers in the field.

Last modified: 2021-09-10