Research Intensive Science and Innovation Regions

The focus of this pillar is on the gendered relations of the technology-driven innovation field, inside and outside of the academy, and women’s opportunities to move into senior positions within them, in research intensive regions both in Finland and Sweden.

The research employs action research and qualitative methods, and, following the 4-helix model, collaborates with actors from public sector organizations (regional development agency), research institutions (universities and university colleges), business organizations, and civil society (for example women’s networks).

It examines

  • experiences and gendered practices in research intensive work and strategies to build work careers there;
  • the development of supporting practices among the 4-helix actors, at local, regional, national, and Nordic levels;
  • methodologically, the use and development of the action research practices in promoting gender equality in research intensive work.

Contact and participants
Researchers involved in Research Intensive Science and Innovation Regions are Marja Vehviläinen, Päivi Korvajärvi, Oili-Helena Ylijoki, Tiina Suopajärvi, Minna Leinonen, Minna Salminen Karlsson, Nina Almgren

Senast uppdaterad: 2022-10-07