Uppsala University

Gabriele Griffin

Professor Gabriele Griffin, PhD, coordinates the project. She is Professor of Gender Research at Uppsala University, Visiting Professor at Åbo Akademi University (Finland, and at the Gender Institute, London School of Economics. She has previously coordinated several EU-funded multi-partner research projects. In addition to expertise in gender research and research methodology, she has long-standing experience in leading and coordinating international research projects, including one on women and employment. As a further development of her present work in digital humanities she, in particular, coordinates the research strand on women’s careers in that area, working with Digital Humanities Centres in Nordic universities and with gaming companies. She has supervised 37 PhD students to successful completion and has published widely in the field of gender research.

Minna Salminen Karlsson

Minna Salminen Karlsson is a lecturer in Sociology and a researcher at the Centre for Gender Research. She has done research in areas concerning technology, organization, education and gender. Her main areas of research have been gender in technology education, and gender in high-tech organizations: academic research organizations and computer companies. She has also coordinated a 7th Framework project, FESTA, on Female Empowerment in Science and Technology Academia. Minna will in particular work with the innovation hub and rural pillars, together with Nina Almgren.

Nina Almgren

Nina Almgren, PhD in History, is a researcher and gender equality specialist. Almgren's research interests are in the area of gender, organization, science and technology. She has been engaged in FESTA, a European project on the area of gender equality work in academia, and is currently engaged in gender mainstreaming in academia. Almgren will mainly be working on the rural regions and innovative regions pillars, together with Minna Salminen-Karlsson.

Åsa Cajander

Senior lecturer Åsa Cajander coordinates the sub-project on women’s careers in E-health. Åsa Cajander is an Associate Professor of Computer Science with a Specialization Towards Human-Computer Interaction. She mainly does research in eHealth, IT and work from a sociotechnical and gender perspective. One area of interest is how organisations can work with ICT deployment, digital work environments and human centred software engineering. Åsa Cajander also does research in computer science education with a special interest in the development of professional competencies. She has also been the leader of the work with gender equality implementation at the Department of Information Technology, which is regarded as a best practice environment for gender equality work in the FP7 equality project FESTA. The Centre will draw on her expertise in implementing gender change in work contexts in the IT sector. She coordinates the research strand on E-health research, innovation and implementation as a cross disciplinary field.

Elina Nilsson

Elina Nilsson is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University. She also acts as Project Administrator for this Nordic Centre of Excellence.