Staff profile: Öznur Karakas


Öznur Karakaş is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Gender Research working on a project where she is analysing gender dynamics in the national Swedish e-science platform eSSENCE. Öznur has a background in philosophy and earned her PhD at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Department of Information and Knowledge Society. 

Öznur Karakas
Öznur Karakas.
Photo: Marta Saiz Merino 

The scientific aim of my project is to analyse gender dynamics in newly established e-science research clusters based on qualitative research of the e-SSENCE programme in Sweden. This requires an approach that takes into consideration already existing gender dynamics in STEM disciplines and changes which might occur with the advent of transdisciplinary e-science collaborations around ICTs.

E-science platforms in general, and e-SSENCE in particular, bring together disciplines with higher female representation such as biology sciences and medicine around the use of advanced computing technologies, the latter lacking sufficient female representation. This project seeks to address the following questions: What are the gendered dynamics of e-science research and innovation? How does the mediation of ICTs, a domain in which women remain widely underrepresented change in the newly formed research clusters when compared to the representation of women in particular scientific fields? And, how does the disproportionate weight of computer sciences in e-science, with their hegemonic male structure, affect gender parity in e-science research clusters?

Research interests: 
philosophy, science and technology studies, technofeminism. 

Recent publications: 

  • Karakas, O. (2018). Gezi Assemblages: Embodied Encounters in the Making of an Alternative Space. Studies in Social Justice. 12:1, pp. 38-55.
  • Karakas, O. (2018). Eternal Return as the Repetition of Difference in Itself. In Facetten Nietzsches im Spiegel Junger Forschung. Ed. Benjamin Kaiser. Nordhausen: Verlag Traugott Bautz GmbH.

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