Four new PhD students join the Centre


This autumn semester, four new PhD students have joined the Centre for Research. We are happy to welcome Jelena Savić, Felicia Hägerbäck, Han Amm, and Garima Shrivastava as our new collagues at the Centre!

Jelena Savić is a Roma theoretician, feminist, and activist from Serbia, with a background in philosophy and adult education. Her academic research centers on the concept of race and whiteness in Europe. As part of the Graduate School in Gender, Humanities and Digital Cultures (GENHDI), her PhD project focuses on digital inequalities Roma women face in Europe.  

Felicia Hägerbäck has a background in gender studies and her research project looks at expressions of illiberal populism in Swedish politics. She is part of the research school The Future of Democracy: Cultural Analyses of Illiberal Populism in Times of Crises (FUDEM).

Han Amm has a background in development, gender and trans studies. As part of the Graduate School in Gender, Humanities and Digital Cultures (GENHDI), his PhD project explores the intersection of trans masculinities and transnormativities via emerging trans digital cultures on Reddit.

Garima Shrivastava has a background in political science and gender studies. As part of the Graduate School in Gender, Humanities and Digital Cultures (GENHDI), her research project investigates social media campaigns launched by civil society organizations for information dissemination about safe access to self-managed abortions using abortion pills.

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