New volume on methodological reflections in feminist ethnography


Several contributors reflect on the research process in a recently published volume by Linda Berg, Feminist Ethnographies: Methodological Reflections in Gender Research (Umeå University). Among the contributors are the Centre for Gender Research’s Matilda Lindgren. In her chapter, entitled ‘Donor-conception as field site: reflections on shifting knowledge positionalities in a multi-sited ethnography’, she reflects on power, positionalities and vulnerabilities within her own ethnographic research on donor conception.

Lindgren describes her research as a multi-sited ethnography, where she interviews both egg donors, recipient parents, and health care professionals. In this chapter, she shows how the positions between her and her interviewees, as well as the relationship between the different groups (donors, recipient parents and heath care professionals) can change, both throughout the research process, but also with time and political commitment.

Other contributors include Lisa Berg (ed.), Disa Helander, Mimmi Norgren Hansson, Quynh Le, Anja Neidhardt-Mokoena, Christian Liliequist, Sophie Erhard, and Elin Wallner.

Feminist Ethnographies: Methodological Reflections in Gender Research is Open Access and can be downloaded from DiVA.

Read more about Matilda Lindgren's research project on reproductive decision-making in egg and embryo donation in Sweden.

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