Attractive Innovation Project Award 2018


On the 10th of December Gabriele Griffin and Anneli Häyrén from the Centre for Gender Research, together with Sophia Renemar from HeraHub, received an Attractive Innovation Project Award for their project "Women as entrepreneurs: The meaning of co-working hubs for norm critique and sustainable businesses". 

The award is presented by UU Innovation to projects considered to have great development potential. 

Prof Gabriele Griffin on receiving the award: 

This evening (10 Dec 2018), entrepreneur Sophia Renemar from HeraHub, my colleague Anneli Häyren  and I were delighted to receive an award from UUI (Uppsala University Innovation) for our ‘Attractive Innovation Project’ (meaning we attracted funding and it was considered to have great development potential) on Women as Entrepreneurs: The Meaning of Co-working Hubs for Normcritique and Sustainable Businesses. This Vinnova-funded pilot project is concerned with female entrepreneurs’ use and understanding of co-working hubs in the context of questions about changing labour markets and threats to what one might consider ‘decent work’ (UN 2030 Goal). The project relates directly to Nordwit’s concerns since it involves female entrepreneurs using technology as both a tool and content for running their own small businesses, but importantly also involves normcritical stances towards this.

The award ceremony was a jolly occasion: wine, burgers, and lots of very different kinds of innovations which were presented, including many from medicine and life sciences, mostly involving the construction and use of technologies. The event involved funders and angels (= investors) as well as researchers from within and outside of academe. It’s really nice to finish the year on a spot of recognition!

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Gabriele Griffin, Anneli Häyrén and Sophia Renemar at the award ceremony.
Gabriele Griffin, Anneli Häyrén and Sophia Renemar at the award ceremony.