Guest researcher profile: Jami Weinstein


This autumn Jami Weinstein joins the Centre for Gender Research as a guest researcher working on a project called "Epigenetics and the Animal-Human Interface". 


Associate professor/Senior lecturer and Director of the Critical Life Studies research group at Linköping University
Guest researcher/Senior lecturer at the Centre for Gender Research, Uppsala University

Weinstein is editor of The Critical Life Studies book series (Columbia University Press) and has researched, published, lectured, and taught widely in the areas of: Contemporary European Philosophy: Critical Life Studies; Human-Animal, Posthuman, and Feminist/Gender/Queer/Trans* Theory; and Science and Technology Studies. She is also on the advisory board of: lambda nordica, The Critical Climate Change book series (Open Humanities Press), and the editorial board of the soon-to-be launched Journal of Social and Cultural Possibilities.

At the Centre for Gender Research, Weinstein is working on a project called "Epigenetics and the Animal-Human Interface", a branch of her Critical Life Studies research programme. This project argues for a shift toward philosophies of epigenesis and the science of epigenetics in order to propose a framework for theorists in need of new paradigms better suited to address the complexities and quandaries of animal-human relations, in particular where the issues of sex, gender, race, and kinship play vital roles.

This year, Weinstein is  teaching on two Master's courses at the Centre: Gender Theory, and Humans, Animals, Environments. She is also teaching on the courses Feminist Environmental Humanities; Modern Literature; and Analyzing Change at Linköping University. 

Selected publications:

  • (2021) “Vital Philology: The Retro Antidote to the Extinction of Critical Theory” in philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism 10.2, 168-189.
  • (2020) “The New Wild West: Risk, Viral Politics, and the Emergence of Epigenetics,” in Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature 53.2. “Political Animals,” Special Issue, Peter Steeves and Nicole Anderson (eds.)

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