Guest Researchers

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An important part of our dynamic research environment are the many visiting researchers who stay for shorter or longer periods of time. These guests are often invited by a certain research group at the Centre to build up networks, exchange knowledge, write applications or organise conferences and workshops. Many of the international researchers return several times to continue their collaborations within the groups and contribute to a creative and inspiring research environment.

Visiting researchers 2021-2022

Read more about visiting researchers to the Centre for Gender Research 2021-2022 below. 

Emilie Moberg

Emilie Moberg. Photo: private.

Senior lecturer, Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University

Emilie Moberg holds a PhD in Early Childhood Education from Stockholm University (2017) and her current research is focused on children's bodily, affective and knowledge-producing encounters with more-than-human species in early childhood education settings. More specifically, she would like to explore how these encounters become conditioned by science subject knowledge, so called facts, on biodiversity and morphology, which are permeated by norms on gender, human exceptionalism and ideals on why children need to learn how to care for other species. 

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Jami Weinstein

Associate professor/Senior lecturer and Director of the Critical Life Studies research group at Linköping University

Weinstein is editor of The Critical Life Studies book series (Columbia University Press) and has researched, published, lectured, and taught widely in the areas of: Contemporary European Philosophy: Critical Life Studies; Human-Animal, Posthuman, and Feminist/Gender/Queer/Trans* Theory; and Science and Technology Studies. She is also on the advisory board of: lambda nordicaThe Critical Climate Change book series (Open Humanities Press), and the editorial board of the soon-to-be launched Journal of Social and Cultural Possibilities.

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Whitney Johnson

Whitney Johnson. Photo: Maria Tzeka.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago and University of Chicago

Whitney Johnson finished her PhD on the world of sound art, in 2018 in the Sociology Department at the University of Chicago in the Sociology Department. Currently she is looking more closely at the ways that bodies perceive and create sound, with particular attention to gender. When it comes to identity representation in auditory culture (i.e. music, sound art, etc.). She is looking to explore how gender is represented through different technologies and how we can understand the political significance of that representation.

Research interests: 
Sound, phenomenology, gender, trans and intersex studies, sensory perception, social aesthetics

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Ingvill Stuvøy

Ingvill Stuvøy. Foto: Elin Iversen/NTNU.

Associate professor, Department of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU, Norway.

Ingvill Stuvøy is a sociologist and gender scholar, based in Trondhein, Norway. Her main area of research is reproduction, with a special interest in how economic logics and market developments, as well as gender and inequality, shape reproductive practices and lives. In her PhD thesis (2018) she studied the monetization of reproduction, with transnational surrogacy as her empirical case. In her post-doctoral period (2018-2021), she has been doing research on welfare state biopolitics, focusing on reproduction and migration politics. Currently she is developing a project on the marketization of reproduction in Norway.

Research interests:
reproduction, assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs), economic sociology, reproductive politics, stratification, monetization and marketization

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Tidigare gästforskare vid Centrum

We have also had the privilege of welcoming the following guests:

  • Kate Scantlebury, Professor
    Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Delaware, USA
  • Heejeong Hong, Researcher
    EWHA Womans University, South Korea
  • Caitlin Carroll, PhD student
    Department of Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • Chitra Sinha, Researcher and Associate Professor
    The Centre for General Studies, The Royal University for Women, Bahrain
  • Deanna Pittman, PhD student
    International education, New York University, USA
  • Stina Powell, Researcher
    Unit of Environmental Communication at the Department of Urban and Rural Development, SLU, Uppsala, Sweden
  • Memory Mphaphuli, PhD student
    Department of Sociology, Ghent University, Belgium.
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