Guest Researchers FAQ

We are happy that you are interested in visiting the Centre for Gender Research. Before applying, please read our frequently asked questions.

Table of contents:

Can the Centre for Gender Research provide funding for my research project?

No, unfortunately the Centre is not able to contribute with financial aid. If accepted, you will be provided with office facilities. All guest researchers have to pay a bench fee of 40 000 SEK per annum. 

Who, what, when, where and how do I send my application?

You may send your application to the Centre at any time of the year; see the address in the contact information at the bottom of this page or you can email professor Gabriele Griffin. Your application must be complete and should contain the following:

  • Motivation letter
  • Research proposal (maximum two pages)
  • Planned finance
  • CV
  • Preferred dates of stay

Make sure that all of your material is in English or Swedish.

How many guest researchers are accepted to the Centre?

We receive a high number of requests each year; unfortunately we are not able to accept all applicants. There is no strict number of applicants accepted each year; the possibility to host a Guest Researcher varies depending on available office spaces and relevance of research project to the Centre for Gender research.

Can the Centre help me find accommodation in Uppsala?

The Centre is not able to provide accommodation for you but once accepted you will receive information about different options how to find a place to stay. We recommend that you start looking for an apartment as soon as possible since Uppsala is a University town and it can be both difficult and expensive to find a place to stay. You can also contact Uppsala University Housing Office

Other questions?

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact Gabriele Griffin, Professor at the for Gender Research.

We hope to see you at the Centre for Gender Research!

Last modified: 2021-09-24