Intersectional Perspectives on Pedagogical Documentation

My project is about putting intersectional perspectives on Swedish preschool documentation practice. Pedagogical documentation is a broadly used work tool for monitoring, evaluating and developing Swedish preschool practices. This work tool is recommended by The Swedish National Agency for Education. Many active preschool teachers find the recommendations unclear and research shows that it often is “the desirable child” and the ideal preschool that is visualized in the documentation. From a constructionalist perspective, the stories told and pictures shown sets the frames for what positions are available for children in the preschool setting. I will analyze photographs used in preschool everyday work with special focus on gender, socioeconomic background and functionality. I will work close to studied practices. The aim of my project is to study which identity positions are possible for children to take in preschool documentation practice due to gender, class and functionality. Through this project I want to contribute to awareness and enhanced work with curriculum equality targets. The intersectional perspective of my study will shed new light on pedagogical documentation and its links to the Swedish preschool curriculum.

Contact: Catarina Wahlgren

Last modified: 2022-10-14