Downshifting in Sweden: Care, freedom and equality?

This project focuses on people in Sweden who have changed lifestyles towards reduced work-time and consumption, usually called “downshifting” and “voluntary simplicity”. These lifestyles envision a way out of the work-spend cycle (“ekorrhjulet” in Swedish) while potentially reducing one’s ecological impact.

While reduced work-time may improve the individual work-life balance, the unequal distribution of part-time work as well as the unpaid care-and household work have economic and social impacts on gender equality, both at household- and societal level. A central inquiry in this project is therefore how the practise of downshifting and voluntary simplicity might be gendered.

Be a part of the research project!
The project is currently recruiting participants for the study. The study will be undertaken through qualitative deep interviews with “downshifters” in Sweden. Please view more information in the link below and reach out if you or someone you know might be interested in participating.

Information on participating in the research project "Downshifting in Sweden"

Last modified: 2023-10-19