Enacting (in)fertilities: Non-biomedical technologies and medical pluralism in Sweden

Drawing on gender studies and medical anthropology, my project focuses on non-biomedical methods for enhancing fertility or treating infertility.

Studies on (in)fertility in the global North have focused almost exclusively on biomedical technologies. Practitioners who focus on non-biomedical methods to treat infertility or enhance fertility, or individuals who consciously opt for methods other than biomedical assisted reproductive technologies, are excluded from using them, or combine different therapeutic practices, have largely remained at the sidelines of scholarly attention. My study addresses this gap by investigating how (in)fertilities are made sense of and become enacted through a variety of non-biomedical technologies. Of particular interest is how the use of such methods are motivated, as well as how these methods can be linked to femininity and masculinity.

To this end, I interview practitioners and individuals who attempt to treat infertility or enhance fertility, as well as conduct participant observation in a variety of settings such as acupuncture and herbal medicine clinics, yoga retreats, or during healing ceremonies and fertility coaching consultations. My data also consists of textual and visual material from social media, websites and other sources.

Be a part of the research project!

I am currently recruiting participants for this study. The study will be undertaken through participant observation and qualitative deep interviews with practitioners and users of non-biomedical methods in a variety of settings around Sweden. Please find more information by following the links below, and do reach out if you, or someone you know, might be interested in participating.

Information to practitioners about participation in the research project

Information to users about participation in the research project

Last modified: 2023-11-29