Gender in e-Science

This is an interdisciplinary project at the intersection of science and technology studies and gender studies, which aims to analyze the gender dynamics in e-science collaborations. 

abstract image with squares
Picture by Jensen Art Co, Pixabay

E-science is an emerging form of scientific knowledge production defined by the use and development of computational tools for scientific research. This project employs ethnographic research of a Swedish e-science collaboration in order to explore the the enactment of cross-disciplinarity and its gendered dimensions.

Extensive previous research has shown that there are significant gender asymmetries in certain science domains, and in particular in many of those that collaborate on e-science platforms. However, the collaborative, cross-disciplinary nature of e-Science platforms may provide some opportunities to remedy this situation, and/or to intervene to change the reproduction of prevailing gender asymmetries. 


Last modified: 2023-02-03